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26 Aug 2017

A miraculous world will be unearthed before your very eyes in this playful, squishy show for children.

Dirt and Other Delicious Ingredients is a dance theatre work with live music set in a land of spice. There’s magic hidden in every crevice – you just need to dig deep.

From the life-giving earth, the dancers discover stringed instruments, spices and bountiful harvests.

Follow the exploits of stubborn Rupert as he attempts to resist the percussive beat of the drumming, the chocolate tones of the cello and the charms of the heroine, Korra.

In this magical feast for the senses – the aromatic smells permeate the performance - Java Dance Theatre combines great comic timing with rhythm, pure joy and barrels of fun.

While aimed at young children, adults will also delight in the dancers’ antics as they cavort around the stage and in the soil.

This show begins in the delicious dirt and ends in the sky.

Suitable for ages 6+.

General admission adult $20.00
General admission friend $18.00
General admission child $15.00
General admission family package $55.00
Service fees apply

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Saturday 26 August, 10am