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22 Sep 2018

The Dame Malvina Major Showcase will feature some of the amazing creative talent amongst our young Taranaki performers.

Some, such as Bryony Williams and Brad Carter now live outside Taranaki,and some are furthering their artistic pursuits in other countries; other students still reside in Taranaki, attending our high schools, and are very much involved in the creative arts and musical scene around the province.

The Showcase will feature the Taranaki Youth Orchestra, along with smaller groups of members who were successful in the Secondary Schools Chamber music contest; drama groups directed by Holly Shanahan and dancers presented by Sharon McGrath.

So thrilling to bring together on the same stage so much of Taranaki's creative energy and celebrate the achivement of young performers who have been supported in their creative pursuits by the Foundation.

For those who require information about how to apply for the DMMF grants, the committee will be present to answer any questions.


Adults: $18.00


Service fees apply