Lisa Ryan testimonial

I met Luke Millard when he was assigned by David Liggett to help co-ordinate our wedding as an upcoming event at the TSB Showplace, on Saturday September 30th 2017. Between July and September 2017 we were in contact mainly via email as I live in Wellington, and our wedding was held in New Plymouth (because it is mine and my husband's hometown). Throughout these emails Luke and I discussed all the aspects of the event, from Catering and Beverage options, to table decor in the reception, right through to how we wanted the Main Stage to look for our ceremony.

My husband and I booked the Main Stage for our ceremony and the Bryan Robb Lounge for our reception. These two spaces are well appointed with lots of lighting, existing decor and a stunning ambience. Accessibility was high on our list of important things for a venue to have due to having elderly guests in attendence. My Nana was going to come in a wheelchair, so we needed to ensure pathways were easy and smooth, with access as required. TSB Showplace is well appointed with Lift access too. 

Luke ensured the process was really smooth between co-ordinating the Caterers onsite, to ensuring our entertainment The Blistered Fingers were set up and happy. The balcony, just off the Bryan Robb Lounge, also proved a hit as the night went on allowing guests to chat and relax while still listening to both people out on the street enjoying the nearby bars and establishments; and the musical entertainment we provided.

Luke oversaw the delivery of our Cake made by a friend of my Mum; and was throrough and ensured that our allergen wary guests were catered to too. We had guests with allergens to dairy, nuts, and gluten.

The day before (Friday 29th September) when we set up the table decor for the reception in the Bryan Robb Lounge, we found there had been some miscommunication between Luke and I with the caterers - the whole way through we had been asking for black tablecloths, but the day before the caterers had done all white. I think Luke expected me to go a bit Bridezilla, but the white looked so much better in the space! So we kept it as is. It didn't take us long to set up the decor and then we were done until the next day when we would return for the wedding itself. 
It was around now I found that my Nana would not be attending due to illness - we changed our tack and decided to go to her resthome after the ceremony. We would ask our guests to go to the various local bars nearby and grab some drinks while we were gone for photos. 

On the day, right before the ceremony Luke met with me, my bridesmaids and my parents in the lobby, before the bridesmaids and I made our entrance - he checked in with us to check we were all good to go. 
Somewhat hilariously we had a false start to the ceremony - as someone gave a wave, but I was not on site yet! Luke didn't tell me until afterwards - which was very kind to do, as it probably would have set off my nervousness!

Throughout the reception, Luke was there but not in our faces - when we needed him, it was easy for us to find him, but he remained in the background out of the way of guests. Luke was attentive to details and when he noticed something, he would come and have a quiet word with me, my husband or our MC to ensure the problem was rectified without any issues. I had a guest comment that "Luke is a guardian angel - there but not in the way." 

Thank you again Luke for everything you did to ensure the day ran smoothly. 

I really enjoyed working with you through this process and event, I hope we can work together in the future, 


Lisa Ryan.

Hired the Bryan Robb Lounge and Main Stage for Wedding Saturday 30th September 2017.